Jack B. Reid


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I’m a multidisciplinary researcher who draws from remote observation, systems engineering, and philosophy to try and make this world of ours a little bit better and more sustainable.

In June 2023, I completed my PhD at the MIT Media Lab, in the Space Enabled Research Group. So I guess that means that I’m now Dr. Reid, but don’t call me that as it’s my father’s name. I’ve bounced around a number of fields and institutions to end up where I am, so if you want the full history, check out the CV page.

Consulting, Employent Offers, and Other Requests

I am available for consulting work on science and technology policy issues, with a particular focus on open science, environmental justice, and earth observation. I currently have two such projects underway and hope to share more about those on this website soon.

If you have any projects you would like help with or even an offer of full-time employment, send me an email at jack@jackbreid.com.

Here’s the various social media platforms that I am on. Note that I don’t check all of these regularly, so if you want a quick response, I recommend email.