pika's (much delayed) 50th Reunion

May 2-5th, 2024










Registration & Payment


Event registration form (Google form) We are managing registration via a Google Form (that you can update as needed). If you have privacy concerns with this, email me your registration information (look at the form for what we need), and we will add in the numbers anonymously into the responses and will keep track of the associated names offline. You can check who has already registered here (Note that this list doesn't update automatically, so might be a bit of date)


The payment system is different than the registration system.

Cost: We have a recommended ticket price of $100/person . That said, what you pay is up to you

What does that mean? It means that if you don't have $100 to spend on this, don't worry about it. We still want to see you at the reunion! If you do have $100 (or more!), please contribute it. The Saturday night event at the MIT Museum requires roughly $100 / person to be economical. If folks contribute more than that, it will go towards reunion side events (brunch, Spring Thing, ice cream) and future HouseCorp programming.

What if not enough people pay money? We will be sad and have to re-evaluate for future reunions and other events. It won't bankrupt pika or HouseCorp though.

Is this tax deductable? Sadly no. HouseCorp is a nonprofit but not *that* kind of non-profit.

You can pay two ways:

  1. Send us a check, made out to "pika - 2024 reunion". Mail it to pika - 2024 reunion, 69 Chestnut Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA
  2. Send money to pika via venmo. The username is @joepika. Note that there is a 1.9% + $0.10 fee per transaction, so if you are aiming for $100, please send $102 instead. This is a business account, not a person, so you should either (a) click on the previous link to go directly to the pika page or (b) specifically search among "businesses".

Housecorp would also like to say that this is a great time to donate money to Housecorp - the house is actively undergoing various repairs. If you’d like to “add on” that donation to the reunion registration, feel free! Or you can send two separate Venmo’s or checks (one for each). If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation for repairs, it can go to IRDF at MIT - if you email me I can connect you to the proper folks.


You can also financially support pika from buying apparel on our new redbubble account here! pika gets ~16% of the listed price for items sold there. We also have one double sided shirt design here, because redbubble only does single-sided shirts. If you have an idea for a good pika1!-related design, email me!

Email: jack.b.reid+reunion@gmail.com